Cradles and Softmount

The Platt 40-50 Softmount is designed to accommodate a variety of machine gus from 5.56 mm all the way up to 12.7 mm. Well balanced and of rugged construction, the Platt Softmount effectively reduces recoil to maximise weapon controllability and firing accuracy; and provides a smoother operation of the weapon. The softmount system interfaces with the M3 tripod for use in the dismounted role. The Platt Softmount is combat proven and can be found across battle fields, fitted to land vehicles and marine vessels.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional recoil-attenuation
  • Fitted to any G3 cone receiver and MK16 MOD8 adaptable cone
  • Adjustable elevation / depression tension
  • 10° initial depression stop
  • Requires no oiling or greasing
  • Self-contained ammunition can holder
  • Twin weapons compatibility

Technical Specifications

Weapons fit: M2HB 12.7mm; M3D High-speed 50 Cal; MAG58/M240, Minimi/M249; MK19 40mm AGL; H&K GMG; MK47; M60; PKM; MG3; LAG40; CIS-40
Elevation/Depression: +40°/-30°
Weapon Traverse: 360° (application dependent)
Mounting Pin Type: M3 NATO Pintle
Weight: 23 kg (excluding weapon and adapter)
Part Number: P10552-10