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Platt Foldaway Weapon Mount

The recently developed Platt Foldaway Weapon Mount is the ideal solution for cost-effective close-range self-defence in naval and coast guard applications. A standalone weapon mount for RHIBs and small patrol boats, or a supplement to the principal armament on board larger patrol boats, afloat support/amphibious ships and surface combatants, the Platt Foldaway Weapon Mount installs quickly and securely to any top rail or similar structure.


More about this product

The ability for the Platt Foldaway Weapon Mount to rapidly attach and detach from a vessel allows for a vessel to scale up or down its lethal fire capability respective to a threat.  Furthermore, the ability for the weapon to reach a depression of -50 degrees enhaces the ability for engagement in close range firefights.  The mount is constructed with a marine grade stainless steel designed for high strength and corrosion resistance and it accepts all versions of the 7.62mm MAG58/M240 and 5.56mm Minimi/M249 machine guns.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 15KG
Height: 300mm
Weapon Traverse: Up to 270 degrees or modified to customer requirements.
Elevation: +60 degrees -20 degrees, with override to -50 degrees
Depression: 7.62mm - 200 rounds
On Mount Ammunition Capacity: 5.56mm - 200 rounds
Required Structure: Top rail/post access, minimum thickness 6mm; cradle assembly can be used on a standard tripod with an adaptor.
Finish: Zinc plated with enamel top coat.
Platt Part Number: P10065
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