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Platt Marine Pedestal Mount

The pedestal mounts directly onto the deck or any suitable horizontal superstructure and can be manufactured to whatever height required to cater for a multitude of mounting position options.

Primarily designed to accept the Platt Marine 40/50 soft mount the Pedestal can be used as a basis for the integration of a wide variety of weapon systems. In addition to accepting the Platt 40/50 soft mount, the Pedestal can also accept the Swing Mount or Twin Mount systems.

Plattmounts can provide bespoke composite or HHA steel armour ballistic shield sets to integrate with the pedestal mount – providing the gunner with full body ballistic protection from deck to weapon level – especially useful when operating against hostile enemies and in anti-piracy operations.

As with all Platt Marine systems the Pedestal is manufactured from high grade stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials.

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